Bin Laden Kills Fellow Moslems Yet Takes No Rap

It’s been a sweltering weekend–one that we should remember next February and try to savor. Sitting outside last night, it never dropped below about 75…what a change, but then, it’s August for God’s sake.

I’m in the cafe and it’s busy…nice to see Sundays finally picking up. I picked up the NYT Week in Review and read Thomas Friedman’s well written essay. He makes the point that if Bush et al would only pursue and treat bin Laden with just some of the vigor that they attacked Democrats, we’d be doing much better at the war on terror. They are missing countless chances to paint him as the true bad guy that he is, and so, to some he remains a hero/freedom fighter.

Friedman cites the recent triple suicide bomb murders that killed 500 Kurds on August 14. The heinous act was orchestrated and planned by al Queda. Yet the adminstration did nothing to point this out and to shine a light on the fact that the terrorists are the biggest killers of Moslems by far. He says that Bush is losing a PR war to a mass murderer.

He said that according to al Jazeera’s Arab reporters in Doha, Bush would lose badly in a popularity contest with bin Laden. Bush’s term, thankfully, ends soon. But Osama goes on forever, or until the Arab world begins to see him as the bad guy that he is.