What’s For Dinner? Cats Dig Raw Rabbit

Today when I checked the mail after a week away, my mailbox was stuffed with WSJ’s. In today’s paper I found out that cats really like raw rabbit more than any other food…and once you give them this, they’ll never eat Friskys again.

According the a profile of a Springboro PA woman who sells raw rabbits in tubes, whole and in sticks of jerky, business has never been better. And the recent outbreak of Chinese disease inside tinned cat food has more and more cat lovers switching to a raw diet.
But it sounds like it’ not for the squeamish. How about sticking a frozen rabbit head into a blender for kitty, perhaps with some raw egg and vitamins. Yum!

The cat food business disagrees with the findings of many scientists and researchers like Anne Jablonski, who said these creatures are built for raw meat, and the excess carbs just makes them fat. Many outlets are offering raw rabbit and business has never been better. And they are most likely guaranteed customers for life, because once cats eat this hand prepared dish, they reject all other foods. You know, finicky, like Morris.