Brad and Bo Help Springfield Wake Up

Brad and Bo helped me wake up this morning on their WHYN-AM morning show. I often think about these guys if for some reason I am awake at 5 am, that they are heading into work. Wow! That takes a special kind of discipline! I did a segment at 8 am today talking about Denmark. On their WHYN website they had a mention of my segment and posted a photo of the Truffle King of Croatia. There is the guy holding a plate of baseball-sized truffles. Not sure why he is there but those truffles look great!

I told them my impressions of Copenhagen, the city that I think works better than most in the world. I told them that if you go you’ve gotta love herring, and Brad enthusiastically jumped in, he being a relative rare American who does love the stuff. “Herring is the sushi of Scandinavia” our guide Hendrik told us, and indeed, the buffet of herring in so many ways was a tempting treat. I’ve got an article coming out soon in the Valley Advocate about how bikes are taken more seriously in Denmark and how we might learn from them.

Now it’s time to get ready for another journey. Tomorrow Cindy and I will board a Eurofly jet out of JFK for a flight to Bologna, Italy. Reading up on the city, we learned that there are two towers in the center of the city that lean…and that Bologna is teeming with students, art and culture. We are going to be visiting the very new Museum of Modern Art of Bologna, and will visit Modena, where Ferrari is located. Stay tuned and read all about it.