Would You Blog for Cash?

Secret Negotiations for a New Monetization Scheme: We’re in negotiations for a new branch of our business–Blogging for cash. We aren’t gonna tell you who and we aren’t gonna tell you how much, but leave it as we’ve figured out another clever monetization technique and we think the numbers will work.

We proceed with caution though…these company blogs can get tricky. We want more candor than we think our client is willing to show, and we also worry about the source of info to blog about running a bit thin. But if we stretch our minds, we can publish three interesting posts a week on his topic, which is travel-related.

We all love our regular blogs. That’s because anything can go in them, and they’re not topic limited. But daily blogging has enriched our writing, made us sound better, and every day is good exercise like running or biking. A mind exercise to write a compact, brief post that captures a moment, an idea, or a person’s voice.

We are not going to be on the surface with these new commercial blogs. I remember reading that Jim Romenesko whose famous news media portal is read by almost every working journalist today, writes a blog for Starbucks. He doesn’t put that out on his popular Poynter.org column, but he doesn’t hide. But I am inclined to keep our identities silent in this new venture, and have the blog author be the CEO of the company. I think people wanna read the blog that is coming from the top dog, and that’s how it will sound.

These details are being hammered out, and my gut is that we’ll be able to do this and make money and manage the time. Like a wave, anything you gotta do three times a week is neverending, and thus quite daunting.

The hard part is figuring out how much to charge to make it work for them and for us. Without Win-win, you get lose-lose.