The Pace of GoNOMAD Staggers, Yet Pleases Us

Today I’m again behind the counter at the cafe…but that’s a good thing. Business has really taken off this week, I think it might have to do with the new neon OPEN sign as well as the nicer weather and of course, our great sandwiches! But it is inspiring to see the big line of people waiting for coffee, and there is an excitement in the cafe that is palpable. People really love it here. Wow! It feels so great to have created a place that means something…a place to come, a place to catch up.

Across the parking lot, we’re also busy with exciting projects. Among these is our presentation to the folks who run the New York Times Travel show. We’re hoping to step it up this year and exhibit at our own booth at this huge travel show. This is a big deal for us, yet after four years of exhibiting in the city, we know what we’re doing and we can bring a lot to the show. Cree, who runs the Travel Ad Network, is helping us out with some additional ad support, and we’ve offered them a home base at the show when we open our booth there next February.

We are also looking into a new ‘white label,’ that is a custom-branded page on which we’d offer vacation rentals around the world. We want to give people a chance to browse through a huge database and book house and villa rentals from us. You’ll see this plus some other new programs popping up on very soon.