Simon is the Viceroy, Sanjaya is Gandhi

On the Today Show this morning, there was a funny segment with two television writers, one from TV Guide, who were opining about last night’s vote on American Idol. We joined the voters and said goodbye to the tearful Gina Glockson, who we grew to admire since she quit last year’s competition, and clawed her way back all the way to the final ten.

TV Guide’s man talked about Sanjaya, the kid who can’t sing who has Simon Cowell vowing to quit if he makes it to the end. “With the sixtieth anniversary of India, Sanjaya (whose parents are Indian) is striking a blow for the nation, and Simon represents the British Raj, he’s the Viceroy. It’s India against the British….and the entire Indian population plus millions of 13-year-old girls are all voting for Sanjaya, plus fans of Howard Stern.”

His partner on the couch said she thought that Jordin Sparks would make it all the way, and that the two divas, Melinda and LaKeisha, would ‘cancel each other out.’ There is some sense to this logic, and the seventeen-year-old Jordin does have quite a voice. But my choice is the shy and awkward Melinda, who can just plain sing better than anyone else up there.