Scott Clark, of, Come On Down!

Relaxing during a slow moment at the cafe, I picked up the WSJ. There a headline made me do a double take…No Virginia it’s not true. “Going Online Isn’t a Must Move for All Entrepreneurs.” Firms flourishing wihout a site say the Work Isn’t Worth It. Harumph! But I had to read more.

“In a survey of 500 businesses in varying industries released today, The National Small Business Association reports that 40% of them don’t have a web site. What’s more, the growth rate of businesses opting to be online has slowed.” A NSBA staffer was stunned. “I would think in today’s day and age you would have to have a web site,” said Rob Yunich. Sometimes it is just that the owners don’t like the designs offered to them by designers. Lois Riske, president of General Cleaning, has looked into a site. But the mock-ups were disappointing. “We don’t want to put something out there that’s not top drawer,” she explained.

Another small business owner, Pat Bardo, was given big promises by another designer, but they weren’t able to deliver. Then she met a guy who right now is probably as happy as hell that the Wall St. Journal included his name in their story. He made it easy for her, and she told Elizabeth Holmes, “I felt like, golly, that’s what I really need. Someone who can really do this thing.”

Scott Clark, of, it’s your lucky day, come on down. But you’ve earned it!