Breathe….Plenty of Room to Breathe in the Cafe

The cafe expansion is expanding people’s minds as our physical space has grown. It feels like now you can come inside and stretch your hands out by your sides and not still not feel crowded. Space, it seems, is good.

I visited with my friends, brothers Darren and Sean Pierce, who run their coffee roasting company up in Greenfield. Our company is helping them position themselves better on search engines by getting quality links and tweaking their website. It’s a fun project, reviewing other coffee sites, contacting owners about links, and thinking of hundreds of new pages of content. It’s all about getting them seen and heard. The two brothers took careful notes, and they gave me one of their retro funky black shirts with gold “FOGBUSTER” on the back.

Then I went over to Radio Shack for some wire strippers and walked out with the cutest little computer you’ve ever seen. Tiny one-foot screen, cute little keys, and wow zap, it took me two minutes and I was on the ‘net with the wireless. It weighs four and a half pounds, so it will be a breeze to tote on our blogging excursion to New Zealand’s North Island in early March.