The Show Continues a Great Tradition in Travel

Tradeshow days and New York City nights! It is always exciting to be in the Big Apple, just walking down the street provides a jolt of energy and makes me feel lucky to be alive. Today we met hundreds of people who all share a love of travel…that’s why they came to Pier 94’s Unconvention Center to visit the 200 booths, including ours. The Adventure Expo 2007 has not disappointed us!

GoNOMAD always gets a boost…from increased exposure, to advertisers who come and meet us, to the many media outlets who we meet and who want to write about us. We also get to say hello to many freelance writers who come and pitch stories. After four years we have built up a solid reputation…now when people come to the booth and we ask them if they’ve ever been to GoNOMAD, many of them say YES. One reader said “I’m addicted to you guys.” We love it!

Paul Shoul traveleled down from Northampton, to join us at the show. Sony Stark came to the show and made the rounds, and she too will be here tonight when we go out to dinner and celebrate our comraderie and our shared love of voyages.