Still a Thrill to See My Story in the Advocate

As the winter that didn’t yet happen moves into January, I had a chance to relive the real winter of 2004 when I traveled to Whitefish Montana for a press trip. There I skiied Big Mountain on skis and snowcycles, went dogsledding, explored Glacier National Park and and did some icy cross-country skiing.

I was pleased yesterday to pick up the Valley Advocate and find a version of the story I wrote for GoNOMAD on their pages. They have a new sports column, focusing on the alternative view of sports, not so much balls as activities like skiing, running and other pursuits. I guess my piece was right for the space. Tom Vannah selected a photo of a Bighorn sheep hopping on a rock from Getty Images that was shot in Glacier National Park, where part of the story took place.

Remembering back to the olden days of the late ’70s when I worked at the Advocate it is a real treat to now be a contributor. In those days I used to write music reviews and other articles. I remember once I went up to Flat Street nightclub in Brattleboro to do a piece about Stephane Grapelli, the jazz violinist. I brought two women with me, and the guy at the door sighed. Then he said ‘oh well, you gotta have the press,’ and let us through for free. It’s been that way ever since!

Through all of the successive decades that paper has come out every week, and while it has changed, it’s always had a loyal readership–despite being free, most people pick it up and read.