it’s Showtime Again in New York City

New York City–I’m just settling into the New York Midtown East Marriot hotel, on busy Third Avenue. Twenty-three floors down, the traffic honks and roars, across the street an office tower is still lit up and people, ant-like, move about their offices and check their email. I’m happy to say we’re all set up over at the Unconvention Center for the 2007 Adventures in Travel show.

GoNOMAD has exhibited here since their first show back in January 2004. That year was the coldest we’ve ever seen, and I remember the wind tunnel near Broadway and the frigid walk (then taxi) down to the Javits. That year there was a huge turnout, and four years later, we hope the buzz is still there for this show.

We’ve got our giveaway pads, our stickers, flyers and business cards, and a great-looking booth on a pretty good and well walked aisle. In the cafe this morning as I was manicly trying to get all of the stuff done and remember everything I had to bring, I told a regular customer where I was off to. “You guys are really big time, you know, this is a real serious operation you have here.”

I was happy to say, yeah, we do get around, and we think there’s no place else like New York City–it’s Show time and time for Kent, Lisa, Cindy and I to man the booth. a few other members of our talent pool might also make the show–Sony Stark and Paul Shoul. Can’t wait to get it all started tomorrow at 10:30 am.