A Ship Was Built to Sail the Seas

Rain pounds down outside and we’re back in New England after the show. One moment that I remember fondly was at a dinner we had to celebrate being together in NYC. We went to an upstairs table at Patsy’s Pizza, where they make pizzas in a coal-fired oven. Over wine and pizza and big family style bowls of pasta, we listened as Paul Shoul offered a toast.

“To Max,” he said, “The guy who got us all together…Someone sent me a note a few days ago with a quote that is apt for this setting. It said that a ship is the safest when it’s docked in a harbor. But that’s not what ships were built for.”

We all liked that quote because we share the same wanderlust, the same excitement that comes from traveling. We all get that tingle when we’re waiting to board a plane, or planning a trip, or thinking about where we might go. Like everyone who walked the aisles of that big travel show, we are dedicated to our travels, and it was nice to hear Paul’s toast, expressing that so eloquently.