Reading about Richie and Carter on the Bus

I traveled to NYC yesterday to go to lunch and a show with my beloved mother Valerie. While on the bus, I got a chance to read the NY Post and found a funny little anecdote about Christmas in Cindy Adam’s column and a troubling account about Jimmy Carter.

Lionel Richieremembers when the Commodores “decided to give ourselves Mercedes for Christmas. I walked into a Mongomery Alabama dealership in bluejeans and a T-shirt and said “I’d like to buy seven Mercedes.” Looking at me, the guy asked ‘Son can you get me some proof?’ So I had him call the Bank of America in Los Angeles. He hung up and I went from ‘Son’ to ‘Mr Ritchie, right this way please!”

Then I turned to a column about Jimmy Carter. I have always known there was a dark side to this guy, and this column made it clear. Rich Lowry writes about the ex-prez’ new book, called Palestine: Peace not Apartheid, and according to Lowry, Carter argues that more people would see the Middle East his way if it weren’t for the nefarious influence of the pro-Israel American-Israel Political Action Committee (sic). Carter apparently believes that if only the Palestinian Authority had better lobbyists, then members of Congress would flock to the cause of this chaotic, corrupt, terrorist-supporting excuse for a government entity.

“My most troubling experience has been the rejection of my offers to speak, for free, about the book on university campuses with high Jewish enrollment.” Does Carter keep track of which schools have lots of Jews? And who does he think is keeping him from speaking at them?”