What? Another TV News Appearance for the Cafe

What a life! I am so excited at the pace of what happens to me and the people around me! I went on the radio yesterday and a photographer called me, she has photos of Oaxaca and wants to show them in the cafe. Then today, as I await my new queen sized bed (after 20 years it’s time for a downgrade to a smaller bed) Channel 22 news calls. They heard the radio show, and they want to come up and interview me.

So I ran out and rustled up some neighboring businesses, starting with the liquor store folks who are building the new store, and the owner of a pet grooming shop, and the manager of the lumber yard. I told them “The TV news guys are gonna be here, come over to the cafe and get yourself on camera!”

Then I called Atkins the potential tenant who will bring their fine market up to our neck of the woods. Jen, a spokesperson, said she couldn’t confirm it because they haven’t signed their papers yet–but she too shared my enthusiasm for this new store up in our underserved little burgh.

So once again the GoNOMAD CAFE media juggernaut plows aread. Watch us on tonight’s channel 22 news at 6!