The Case of the Missing Hummer in Deerfield

Today the cafe is very slow but I am still in a great mood. The crisp air makes me feel lively, and happy, and last night we had a fun Thanksgiving feast with many relatives and friends.

Picked up today’s Greenfield Recorder and found an item on the front page about a missing Hummer. John Doleva, 25, of Greenfield, plunged down the embankment off I-91 Thursday night and his 1999 Hummer sank into the river. But the river isn’t that deep, and today’s newspaper has a baffling follow-up.

It’s missing.

Doleva said a car swerved into his lane (yeah right!) and he drove it down the bank. Today a dive team is looking for this huge car. It is apparently submerged in the murky depths of our nearby river.