Tagging Takes a Bit But Helps Fellow Bloggers

Tagging. I love the concept. The idea is to identify who tagged you on his or her blog (that would be my associate editor Stephen Hartshorne). Then say eight things about yourself.  Here goes

* I once used to work from 11 pm until 7 am in a toothbrush factory.

* I am one of the few people I know under fifty who have a grandchild. Mine is the light of my life–Nathan!

* One of my favorite things in the world is removing the lint that is stuck in the dryer before I use it.

* I love certain words;  like voyage, marine, aircraft, vessel & auxiliary

* I love riding my bike at night down a deserted street in the summer.

* The people I trust the most read books and use computers.

*There is  nothing I like more than the feeling of waiting in an airport for an evening flight across the ocean.

* I have sold shirts to Carly Simon on Martha’s Vineyard and had my picture taken with Bill Clinton there too.  Edgartown was once my favorite place on earth.

Now I’ll tag:

Kelly from the midwest who writes
“the zoo that is my mind.”

Cory Doctorow one of the minds behind behemoth blog boingboing.net


Mridula who got us all going on this tagging, who writes
Travel Tales from India

Andrew Varnon, Cafe customer and official blogger for the Valley Advocate
This side of Mt Tom”


Sean Keener, the CEO of Bootsnall, an eight year old website that does a great job growing and helping people travel

Stephen Hartshorne, who writes headlines like “Universal Disregard of the Spittoon”
Armchair Travel


Kent St. John, our peripatetic Senior Travel Editor who is always planning his next trip.
Be Our Guest

Jacylyn Stevenson, who writes about writing on writerjac on Myspace.

If you’re on this list then you should tag too!