Millers Falls Was Rocking with the Reprobates

Millers Falls was rocking last night, as the Reprobates filled the entire back from of a bar once known as Equis, practically the only action in this one-horse burg that time long ago forgot. Cafe regular David Lenson had emailed a note about the gig, and when Bill and I walked in, the place was jumping! Out front was a Mr Natural type, a big guy with a big white beard, belting out blues lyrics like “Mustang Sally,” and other classics. Behind him was Dave in shades, holding his big sax, and a woman with crazy 1970s pants playing castanets.

Some times when you walk into a club, you just feel the pulse and vitality that ten sweaty musicians can create. It was a wonderful thing.

I woke up late, about 9 am, and it was a sunny Saturday in South Deerfield. While Kate was throwing out everything in the front living room closet, I heard sirens, and saw two police cars tearing down Mountain Road, followed by an ambulance. It seems that the old man who lives diagonally across from us has either died or had a heart attack.

Life is fleeting, you never know when the ambulance will come for you. So rock on, have fun, travel the world and blog about it to share your life with the world.