Joining Brad Shepard and Bo on WHYN-AM

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Today I chatted with Brad Shepard on WHYN-AM 560. I’ve become a regular on their show, they always are fun and enjoy our dialogue about travel and Gonomad. When I told Brad that I visited Greenland’s capital, Nuuk, he came back with “is that right next to cranny?”

I tried to explain why someone would want to visit a place like this: it’s exotic, unexplored, it’s different, and with today’s all-weather clothing the cold temperature isn’t that much of a problem. I told him how fun it is to come back from a place that nobody you’ve ever met has been.

I really enjoy doing these radio segments, and Brad and Bo are always full of good cheer. I have looked into doing our own GoNOMAD radio show, but so far all I can come up with is a sponsored half hour on a local station. With the quality of our content and the many intriguing segments we can put on the air, I’m holding out for a paid gig…but stay tuned!