James Hunter Swings the Iron Horse Tonight

hunter 711404
“EEEEEEYOOOWWWWWWW” screams James Hunter, in a softer version of the James Brown primal scream. We saw this gifted Englishman play tonight at the Iron Horse in Northmpton. Each song was bookended and sharpened by two crack saxmen. A guy with slicked back hair on a huge baritone, and a bald dude cranking on the alto. These guys just popped the end of each tune…neat little numbers written in the fifties by obscure black bands, and brought to life here by white guy Hunter.

He’s cool…the band is cool, they strode onstage and gave it their all for 90 minutes. Each song was complete, and I got to thinking what it is that separates these guys from so many others. Unique sound? More than that, it’s their own really truly defining type, and way they hit every note, saxes never wobble, they just hit it right on the head.

Beautiful stuff, joyful music and the Horse seemed like the right place to be tonight. I’m still tapping and thinking about those grooves!