Greenland Bound–What Do I Pack?

I hit the road in about 90 minutes. Last minute packing, don’t forget the Ipod, recharge the batteries on the camera, bring more socks. Then go downstairs and put in more laundry in case I didn’t bring enough…but how do you pack for a trip to GREENLAND? This is one destination that really confounds me…I heard that it was 4 below the other day. But won’t we mostly be inside?

I have layers and layers, I bought new silk long underwear from LL Bean, I have sweaters and sweatshirts and gloves and mufflers and giant boots. I am even bringing my huge Vermont parka, retreived from my son Sam’s closet.

This will be an adventure–no doubt–and this will get me on many radio shows when I get back. We’ve been talking to Peter Greenberg’s producer, they want to hear about Greenland. Also we’ve got the interest of Arthur Von Wiesberger, who does Around the World radio, a show based in Santa Barbara. So lots to talk about and I am very pleased that I did in fact finish my first article on Graz Austria last night….so I can focus on this trip, not the last one.

Read this blog if you want to know what Greenland is like!