The Last Cellphone Holdout Gives it Up

Raymond A. Vachon now wishes he had bought a cellphone. Recently, he survived four-day calamity when he overturned his car and was trapped in brush where nobody could find him.

The story was told in today’s Republican.  Vachon drank dew off of the windshield and nibbled on wheat thins, while as a diabetic, he was dependent on insulin.  He was stuck in the brush off Rte 52 in Monson, and nobody knew he was there.

When he went missing, his wife was afraid that one of the dozens of shoplifters he’s apprehended in his job as a Stop and Shop security guard might have gone after him.  “He had two tortured days of hearing laughter from groups of young people walking to the nearby Mug and Muffin, to no avail. ‘Oh my God, I love that guy, Vachon said of Roger Pikul, the local resident who found him and rescued him after his ordeal, wrote Stephanie Barry in the article.

“Raymond Vachon said when he is released from the hospital today, he has one destination in mind. “The first place I will go is the cell phone store. We’ve been holdouts. But we’ve held out long enough.”