A Men’s Weekend

This was a Men’s Weekend, and my Monday Morning Recap looks back fondly. I began on Friday night with my pal Joe, we took a tour of his new radio station offices and then skipped over to Sierra Grille, on Pearl St. in Northampton.

The proprietor, O’Brien, has a menu full of little surprises, row upon row of $3, $5 and even $2 items. For a grazer like me, this is the perfect way to eat. We choose about six things and had a salad and some great Brooklyn Pilsner. The atmosphere was relaxing and the place felt cool on that Friday night. Then we went to the Brewery and met up with Joe’s charming ladyfriend, Stephanie and her pal Kitty who were relaxing over a beer. After some conversation we left and went to listen to jazz at the basement. At one point a woman got up to sing and did a great job with ‘S’wonderful,’ and I told her so. She blushed and laughed.

Then on Saturday night we invited Bill and Joe over to dinner. We sat in the dining room, a rarity it seems, and unwound with a bottle of red. Then we went downstairs and we watched two woman boxers duking it out….these girls were just going at each other furiously. After this bout we began watching old classic boxing matches on Youtube. We found Hagler/Hearns from 1976, and Tyson/Spinks from ’81. Francisco, Bill Joe and I all cheering and watching classic fights on the computer. Love it!

To round out the trifecta of the Men’s Weekend, I invited Stephen, Ed, Don and Joe over to play poker at the cafe. We gathered at 4 pm, I made us some chicken and pasta and we played cards for five hours. It was fun being here in the cafe on a day off, and I won some dough. Good times.