"Yes Chef! Yes Chef!" –Trying to Keep Him Happy

hells 778352
Last night was cooler so it was easier to sleep. Still, I stayed up way too late and part of the night was spent watching “Hell’s Kitchen”on Fox where the mean chef tortures his wannabe chefs while diners wait for entrees in the fancy dining room. This guy is so mean it makes you cringe when he’s yelling at one of the women chefs: “You fat cow! Where is the salmon?!?”

“Yes Chef! Yes Chef!” is all they can utter, as he gets in their faces trying to crack them like a Parris Island drill sergeant. But these chefs are fighting for a break…a chance to run a multi-million dollar restaurant in ‘Vegas. So they’ll take all that “look at me, look right into my eyes” crap that Chef doles out. It’s a rough and tumble world in that hot kitchen, and when one woman named Virginia ran out of cream, you just about wanted to bring it to her, as Chef came ’round the corner with a bee in his bonnet screaming “nobody is safe, nobody!!”

Today at the cafe we broke all of our records for one shift. Wow! People are loving it here and it’s nice to see this kind of progress. I think the breakfast sandies and the big huge coffees are making a difference. Frappuccinos are next!