Writing is Harder than It Looks

It’s pouring rain outside, and I made it to the cafe around 8:45, to find Britt looking kind of weak. She said she wanted to go home, so I took over. Once again, not expecting it, but hey, I really do like this work, and when this happens the business owner in me thinks about lower payroll costs…and smiles. The only thing that bugs me is that once again I’ll delay writing my article about Malaysia.

This has become a common theme. I get back from a trip, try to write the story while I am there, and find myself a million reasons to avoid actually writing. Writing sounds so easy…just peck out some words on a keyboard. But it is hard, damn hard to actually come out with a good article, good enough so that people who want to write for us can read my story and see how it’s done. That is why it’s hard, Steve felt the same way when he got back from Ireland. We have to write the stories so that they are examples of what we want to publish. Red Smith used to say, ‘writing is easy, you just take your wrist and cut open a vein.’

Well enough of my inner angst. I’ll get the story done, I always do. Because I am going to be going to Austria in late September, and I have a rule that I can’t go on another trip before the article from the last one is published.