Who Goes There, Who Would Stone My Vessel!?

Last night we got dressed up and walked down the venerable, wood paneled Navigator, on the Edgartown Harbor. The hostess was from Russia, blond and very thin. She laughed since we had barged all the way in without a table. “I put you on the list,” she told us. Later when we were seated, we feasted on seafood, and as we sat back, suddenly, a voice on a loudspeaker. It was coming from the yacht docked about 15 feet away. “Whoever threw that rock better come up here right now and make yourself known!!” boomed the voice, looking up, it was the angry captain of the attacked vessel. Then he flipped on a powerful search light, mounted on his bow, and moved it around remotely, up there in the wheelhouse.

The rock throwing perp never showed his face, but the diners around us murmered, “he’s out of line,” and “that’s too much,” as they watched with amusement. The searchlight’s beam flashed across the Harborside Inn’s pool area, then went dark. The captain gave up his search and joined his boatmates back down on the deck to have a drink.

The yacht in question was named Allie’s Sea Shed, and was much smaller than the giant vhite one docked just next to it. There the windows were dark, the owners probably out for an expensive dinner in Edgartown.