Watching a Cash Cow Earn its Keep in MV

Had to drive out for supplies today, so I entered the steamy car for a short drive to Morning Glory Farm, in Edgartown. The place must be a cash cow, as the parking lot is continually full of huge SUVs and the place is mobbed with soccer moms and rich vacationing folks like me who want to score greens for their houseparties.

At the entrance to the farm, a woman was watering flowers, with a protruding belly and tattoos all up and down her arms. I thought she must be a Brazilian, as the face and manner looked more like a worker than a coed who wanted to spend a summer working on a farm in MV, and the tats made me question where she was from.

I watched as she sprayed a dog with the flowing end of the sprinkler hose, and joked with another member of the farm staff, siddling up against him with her big belly. Inside I gathered island corn, a baguette, island tomatoes, island lettuce and some avocadoes and lemons from ‘away’ and paid my $29.00. I think the average tab is twice mine. This must be a great business this time of year, and these hardworking farmers deserve every nickle.