The Remains of the Sandcastle Contest on South Beach

Today the heat broke, and it is overcast and barely 80. A relief yet I enjoyed feeling that heat, thinking about February and the many times I shiver throughout the winter months in New England.

We rode bikes down to South Beach, and were greeted by friendly lifeguards high up in their lifeguard stand. Brittany, Corey and Megan said “Welcome to South Beach!” We asked them about the sandcastle contest that had taken place yesterday. There were remnants of the works, a big mermaid, a dog with a sand inscription, “just married,” and along further, the work of a real pro. It must be those turrets, those winding little staircases, those chimneys and those realistic sand windows–all the marks of a person dedicated to this art and not just entertaining his kids.

We rode back home and worked up a good sweat here as the humidity is still high without the blazing sun. I sneaked again over to our neighbors so I can type and get on line tapping into their home Wireless network. God I love WiFi!