The Man Israel Wants to Find Most

Sitting in the heated up house here on Cummings Way, reading the Wall St. Journal. The name Imad Mugniyah came up in a story about Hezbollah. He is the mastermind, schemer, bomber extraordinaire of Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Karby Laggett writes about this devious scary dude.

“The man in charge of this building effort is Mr. Mugniyah, a long time hezbollah operative who at one point in the 1980s who at one point lived in Iran. Today the 44-year-old ranks near the top of the most wanted terrorists, with a $5 million bounty on his head. Israel has also targeted him for assassination. A Lebanese citizen who once served as a bodyguard for Arafat, he systematically erased all his person al records, school registration etc, according to intelligence officials.

The only known photo of this man is 20 years old, taken before it is believed he changed his appearance by plastic surgery. He designed a drone airplane that doesn’t deliver bombs, but makes so much noise that it becomes an unnerving prescence in Israeli skies. Hezbollah also moves its weapons and missiles around on donkeys, trained to deliver the goods with no human leading them.