Skipping Out of the Doc’s Office and Talking WiFi

I skipped when I left the doctor’s office today, skipped just like Woody Allen did when he exited his doctor’s office in “Manhattan” with no evidence of the brain tumor he was convinced that he had. Oh how I love that skip! Told that PSA and liver are all in good order, I was celebratory, my plan to have cocktails only on the weekends has worked splendidly!

Now even when I have to gaze at a tempting icy cold Berkshire Brewing bottle in the fridge, I move past it to the juice and seltzer, saving this treat for Friday or Saturday night. It’s worked well, and it makes me feel great to know that my only liver is happier now.

Today I got a call from my pal BJ Roche, she used to be a columnist for the Boston Globe, now she’s writing a freelance piece about WiFi. That’s an area I know a lot about, having tried on my own to wire our little village. While I did not succeed in doing every house, we did create a WiFi enabled town common, and people have enjoyed it ever since. I told her that government should be helping rural communities to get WiFi using these same methods, like they’ve done up in Barre, VT.