Sex in a Gondola above France

ETurbo News usually sends puffy press releases about Dubai and some meeting in another Arab land. Today they send this little ditty about a chance encounter in a ski gondola above France.

“Andy Sinclair reached his peak while dangling high above the Alps. The gondola podule things took four people at a time, and I ended up standing next to the blonde. When the next empty one came round I slid my skis into the holder on the side and clambered in. As I was not part of her group, I expected her to wait and fill the next one with her pals; but, in one of the most opportune and bountiful milliseconds of my life, she smiled and stepped forward into my carriage.

The doors closed and we were jolting up the mountain, alone together. “Hi, I’m Natasha. You’re in my hotel, aren’t you?” I mumbled a yes. “This is very slow. They should spend some money and get us up quicker — there’s skiing and drinking to be done!” “Oh, I don’t mind,” I replied. “Swinging over the Alps with you isn’t my idea of a waste of time.”

I didn’t mean it to be a line. It was just the truth. A moment later, the lift juddered to a halt, as they often do. We began to discuss what kind of things we might have time to do before we reached the top. Apply sun cream, reclip boots, that kind of thing.

Suddenly, she said: “How about sex with a stranger?” Clearly, she was speaking hypothetically. “Well, maybe, but you could get caught out if it set off again!” I said brightly. She looked straight into my eyes. She was serious. A second later, we were tearing off each other’s skiwear. The sight of her beautiful body in the chill air, surrounded by mountains, is a memory I still cherish. It was broad daylight, we were total strangers, and we were swinging above the valleys in perfect harmony.

The gondola did set off before we would have wished, but, such was the intensity of the moment, we hardly noticed. As we approached the top station, we parted and threw on our clothes, and managed to emerge with enough apparel attached to appear merely to have equipment problems.