Guess What Time It Is

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Today’s Springfield Republican included a story by Mary Ellen Lowney about the decline of watch wearing. She found many youth who shun the wrist adornment, and others who simply said they knew what time it was all day, without a watch. Attorney Michael Ryan, for example, told the reporter exactly what time it was, out of thin air.

Frank Suher, of E-S Sports, used to tell me that there were two things people noticed about salesman–their shoes and their watch. Manager Michael Rinaldi at Hannoush Jewelers, agrees. “I sell a ton of watches, especially high end watches…kids with cellphones might not wear watches, but when you deal with business people, they still want to wear a watch. It’s professional. Nothing looks better than wearing a high-end time piece when you’re hard at work.”

I have a good friend who owns a Philip Patik watch, I always joke about ‘the Volvo on his wrist.’ He shall remain nameless in case somebody reading this wants to break in.

I’ve worn my Kenneth Cole $35 model for years and I do notice that when I don’t have it on, I want to glance down at it, out of habit. But like the kids at the mall, I use my cellphone more than the watch to tell time.