Finding our Own Little Beach at Katama Point

Yesterday in the stultifying heat, we made our way over to the outer harbor, to an oasis that the Land Bank has provided in and among huge waterside houses of the rich. A little path winds it’s way to the shoreline, and an osprey nest is located on the winding grass path. Up above the chicks squawked for mom, they wanted more fish.

At the end of the path was a staircase, it led down to the calm harbor, the far outer edge of Edgartown harbor. In the distance to the right we could see South Beach, where everyone else goes to swim. We had our little rocky beach to ourselves. Jack Laura, Cindy and I floated in the shallow not-so-cold water and watched our feet down below where our heads bobbed.

Later that night it was time for bluefish and the native salad, and time to tell Laura more about this island. It was her first visit, and she was entranced with the lovely houses and the beauty all around us. Today is another sultry day, no idea what time it is, only time to get the newspaper, hang on the porch and maybe do another swim in our private beach at Katama point.