Who’s Who Squatting in our Edgartown House

The heat is on, and our cafe AC is pathetic. Sweltering as these machines hum full blast, something’s gotta give. So we’re going shopping tonight. We’ve found some great new prospects for the cafe position, and soon we’ll be at full strength once I return from Martha’s Vineyard. Next week we’ll close at 2 pm so we won’t need the second barista.

We found out today that there have been squatters occupying our Edgartown House when it wasn’t being rented last week. A few blokes drove up in their jeep, parked in front, and walked in with beers and food and made themselves quite at home. Our neighbor Anne must have waved hello to these freeloading intruders, but who can tell who’s paying the rent and who’s illegally camping out! Hope the condition of the house is ok when we settle in on Sunday night. Kent and Lisa will join Cindy and I for a well-deserved MV vacation.

Today I was interviewed for the International Edition of Who’s Who. A nice lady asked me questions about my career, GoNOMAD, and the cafe, and even wanted to know my proudest moment. When I asked her to send me a copy, she demurred…”that is something we’ll only do for members,” she said. “The minimum membership level we offer is $600.”

So if you wanna be in Who’s Who, you gotta pay the big bucks. Big Surprise, small honor.