Terrorists Who Work at Home

The scary news out of Lebanon drove me to read more about it on littlegreenfootballs and other blogs. Below is some info from Sand Monkey, a pro-US blogger based in the middle east.

“And all of this talk about Israel targeting civillians really pisses me off. Let me clear it up for you once and for all: Hamas and Hezbollah don’t have military bases: they plan, operate and attack from homes, where their families are. The Israelis, in order to retaliate, they have to attack those homes, which always lead to those women and children, who live in those houses, to die.

If Hamas and Hezbollah don;t want civillians to die, don;t f-ckin plan your attacks or launch your attacks near civilians. But you know they do this on purpose, so it would look bad on the Israeli if they attacked. Dude, they called the airport one hour before they hit it to have it evacuated, they warned all of southern Beirut yesterday to take cover because they don’t want to kill them.

Not hezbollah. Hezbollah doesn’t give a shit who their missiles hit. And somehow, they remain blameless in the Arab mind: after all, they are not jews. Listen, you can not talk shit about how you will beat and destory Israel, and then scream “Humanatarian crisis” when they hit you back. Either suffer the consequences of your actions or SHUT THE F-CK UP. I am sick and tired of your f-ckin POSING!”