Such a Sad Sad Photo, and a Dirty Deed

We read the Springfield Republican today and the front page was framed in a very sad image. Mariam Shihabiyah, a housewife in Beirut and divorced mother of five, carried her pillows outside the bombed out apartment complex where she lives. The poor women isn’t a terrorist, hasn’t put out funds to support Hezbollah, probably hates Hezbollah as much as the Israelis…but here she has had her apartment and life’s possessions bombed and destroyed.

I have often been a cheerleader on the side of Israel against the terrorist death worshipping Arabs. But this action is making me feel anger at them for this, and for the senseless bombing of Lebanon’s airport.

That runway cost $58 million to build, over reclaimed land from the sea. Twelve bridges will cost tens of millions to rebuild. I wish we would come out strongly against these ‘allies’ of ours and stop funding them.