Sam’s Seaweed Salad on the Street in Noho

Back on terra firma, the jetlag from the 19 hours in the skies finally draining from my body. Last night we met in Northampton on a cool deck at the Depot for margaritas under the waning summer light. That little city always picks us up, we proceeded after to the tiny little Japanese restaurant run by our friend Sam.

Sitting outside at the cafe tables, slurping noodles and watching people walk by, so busy here in this hub of all the three Western counties. Everybody heads to Noho on Saturday night, or so it seemed. Sam sent out a few bowls of seaweed salad, a little bonus for us among his regulars. He stepped out and chatted for a bit, I told him about my our new cafe in South Deerfield, and invited him up for a cup.

Today’s the lazy Sunday I look forward to each week. The laptop cracked open, the web is mine to explore. Some neighbors are coming for coffee, a few chores on the agenda, but the day is ours to relax and recharge until the week starts again.