Partying Muslim Style

Last night we partied Muslim style! I got an email from cousin Steve warning me about Islamic terrorists and another from my sweet Cindy worried about pirates in the Straits of Malacca. Well we drove right by them thar straits and saw a boat out in the water. I kept thinking about pirate ships…men sneaking up from speedboats to terrorize the crew.

But this Malaysian Islam is not scary, though Americans sadly link the religion to 9/11 and stuff to fear. There was a woman at the food festival in a black burka, poking around getting food peering out through that little slit. But the dancers were lively and fun and no one was puking in the gutter, long into the night. I liked it because I try not to drink during the week, and there was fruit juice, iced lime water, but no beers to tempt me, so all in all these Islamics are fun. The country’s mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian brings together a wonderful stew, and we went to a night market that was hopping at 11 pm.

Nothing to fear here, so far, and that is nice to know since Muslim have gotten a bad reputation from the misdeeds of so few. My Malaysian experience doesn’t include any fear.