Georgi Always Cracks Me Up

Back in the cafe after more than 10 days away. Among the things that were on my mind when I left was the door for our Beveridge Aire counter refrigerator. Water pools up every day inside the right side, and I was told the seal around the door needed replacing. But for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to take the sucker off. So I went to see my pal Georgi who own’s Georgio’s Pizza next door. Georgi’s a big Greek guy who always calls out when I see him…”Hey Maxie, how are ya,” then he sidles up and says something that cracks me up. You know those people who just make you laugh when you see them? That’s Georgi.

I go next door with the floppy rubber gasket in my hand, and Georgi takes it and begins peeling off his own refrigerator’s gasket. “See I think it has glue, it is glued.,” he said as he ripped at the gasket pulling it from the door edge. Then his partner came over, a thinner man who told us the secret. “There’s a little channel, you put the gasket edge into it,” he showed us how it fit snugly into the slot. Georgi picked up my gasket and ran with me back over to the cafe.

We pulled out the old one with pliers and popped in this new gasket, which fits beautifully. Part of the fun of owning a cafe in a small town with a website in the back are these people who help you when you need a hand. I love my neighbors!