A Friday Full of Tasks and Opportunities

Funny Friday at the cafe. Lots of running around waiting for our relatives to come up to celebrate Kate and Francisco’s wedding on Saturday. Today I used my friend Jack’s truck to pick up tables and chairs at Taylor rental, then back in the cafe to meet with our intern Kristi. She is working on some interesting new feature stories, and just came back from Chautauqua, institution where you consume ‘brain food’ in seminars and educational talks in the countryside of upstate NY. It will be a feature on GoNOMAD.

On my list of tasks today was to create a toast for Kate and Francisco. I wobbled a little bit, consulted a website and found many boilerplates and corny toasts, then had an inspiration and plowed right through it. Always speak from the heart, and the words flow easily, I say.

Yesterday I spoke with the Adventure Expo organizers, and they confirmed their interest in having me make a presentation about travel websites and search engines at the show at the Javits Center in January 2007. I am developing this angle for public speaking, and it has been a lot of fun making these power point talks.