What Happened to the other Engines?

Saturday at the cafe. In a few, I teach a class in beginner computers. Should be fun. Last night I went out on the town. Spoletos on a Friday night. I got the coveted corner seat, and beside me sat a man who had only been to Noho once before. His name was Mike, he worked in IT for a plastics company with a plant nearby.

Mike told me about a film called “Loose Change.” He said that in the film, questions are raised about 9/11. Such as why the hole in the Pentagon was smaller than the width of the jet that crashed; that the huge titanium engines were not all recovered from the crash, and nobody ever talked about the passengers aboard that flight.

“I’m not a crazy conspiracy guy, you know, but this bothers me, and it is big issue being looked at in this film. I send the trailer out by email to everyone I know, I think this is big.”

I thought about that, and figured, hey, maybe passing the word on my blog might make somebody cough up answers.