Stephanie and her Five Friends at Dinner

Sunday night’s dinner was with interesting company. My pal Joe had us over for dinner with Stephanie and her five girlfriends. I had not spent time with this many young women in a long time.

The vivacious 30-something gals were vibrant and energetic. We talked about the cafe, and my grandson, and their interesting jobs. One woman named Kim was introduced as Kitty. She works at a local college raising money. In July she is getting promoted, now she’ll focus on the ‘whales’ the biggest donors who have the potential to bring in the really big funds.

“Abby Johnston,” I told her. “Her dad started Fidelity Mutual Funds, and she is probably the richest women in Massachusetts.” I wonder if she’ll remember that name when she starts her new job, I’ve always thought that Abby would have a soft spot and the means to make any charity’s day.

I turned to Rachel, a massage therapist. She told us that she had tried to change her first name several times in her life, but had never succeeded. Now she uses only her first and middle name in her business–she doesn’t like the name her family was left with after it was shortened two generations ago in Europe.

Our host Joe was enveloped in Stephanie’s loving arms. With her warm smile and sweet manner, you could tell she was proud of her new beau in front of all her friends.