Loose Ends and Bears Back in Holyoke

A busy Saturday, with good things popping up all over. First, I got my scooter back, after months in the shop. The horn isn’t working and I have to kick it to start it, but it’s running and I’m happy for that. I stopped by the Learning Circle, where my grandson Nathan goes each day, and saw where he hangs out. They said he loves touching the other kids faces, and he is a happy bright little one. He is so special, I just love having him around me. Last night we wheeled him around in the wheelbarrow, his face lights up and he points his tiny finger in the air with delight.

Today’s a big tag sale day, seems that everyone is having sales of this or that. I investigated a few of these sales, and then Cindy called and told me that the bear was back in her yard. This time she was a little more brazen, she went out and called me while she watched the ursa ramble back up the hill. Scary. Now she won’t have any more finches since we found out that bears do like thistle…not just sunflower seeds.

We’re getting ready for new photo show at the cafe, we took down the Iraq photos, and Monday we’ll hang lovely new photos from Sicily. Stay tuned, the artists reception is next Friday!