Getting Ready for a Long, LONG, Plane Ride

Petronas Towers in Kuala Lampur are the tallest buildings in the world. I read about them in a huge packet of literature that DHL dropped off at the house. I am getting ready to fly to Malaysia on Monday night. The flight is with the best airine–Singapore Airlines. And this is the longest nonstop flight you can take. Eighteen hours up in the air. My pal Kent did this flight, and I thought he was crazy. Now I’m booked next!

We will land in Singapore, finally, then take off again for one hour flight to Kuala Lampur. I am attending a formal meeting and a big carnival in Malaysia starting next week. The trip will spend a few days in the city, then take me up north to the island of Redang. Then another city on the coast, near Thailand, and then back home. The weather will be humid and hot, and it will be a real change. We haven’t had much heat here this summer. I am going to shoot a lot of photos as we go through the country.

In the cafe late, trying to sew up loose ends as I am going to be away for so long. The cafe business attaches itself to you, you have a hard time getting away. But I am first and foremost a traveler…I gotta go regularly, get out there and write something. So Malaysia it is. Will post pix and blog throughout the trip.