Deval Patrick Pops into the Cafe

deval 711384
Yesterday I got to hang out on the web. You know that sort of lazy strolling through various blogs, people I read…learned a lot. I heard about Donnie Moorhouse’s film that was screened at the Calvin Theater in Northampton last week. I watched a video of a movie reviewer from Mass Live interview Peter Tork. What a dork! He was rude, condescending, and basically a true a-hole on the 2 minute tape. Funny, WRSI’s blogger Kelsey Flynn titled her post “From Monkee to Jerkee.” Love what blogs can do!

Today I sent Alan home, manning the cafe myself for the afternoon. It’s quiet now, just had a little rush, and all in all ok. A few guys in suits came in, they looked like secret service or salesman. Turned out they were advance guys for Deval Patrick, who was in South Deerfield pressing the flesh. I asked them to send the candidate over. He came in, a muscular, good looking black guy, and I told him my ideas about bringing WiFi to the country, and how he should get out in front on this issue. “It’s part of my plan for the commonwealth,” he said, sounding so much like somebody running. I showed him our Bountiful Router, which projects our WiFi signal a quarter mile covering the park next door. “How about developing these small scale networks, for towns that can’t get high speed internet?” He was impressed. “You know a lot about this stuff,” he told me.

I promised to vote for him, and offered to hold a rally here, in our little town. He made sure to send an aide back in with his card. Deval for Governor! Just maybe!