Bus Uncle Is the Star of a Hot New Video

Woke up in Holyoke to a grey day, the temps barely reaching 60, we both cursed our New England clime. On the web I read about Bus Uncle. You can always rely on Readuponit to keep you on the cutting edge.

Bus Uncle is a video that has gone ’round the world. I watched it today on Google video. In the , shot by videophone, an irate man leans on his seatback and balls out a younger man who had the audacity to tap his shoulder when he spoke loudly on his cellphone.

The older man, who the youngster referred to in deference as ‘uncle’ was fuming, finger pointing and threatening to ‘f**k your mother’ because of this great injustice of being asked to quiet down.

“I have pressure. You have pressure. I f**k your mother.” He ranted with his threatening finger right in the young man’s face. The captions in English and Cantonese kept the score, as bus uncle demanded a handshake, then threatened again, and fumed, finally ending the video when he got another call.