A Photo Show Like No Other at the Cafe

M Bognanno Canino 717635
Our first ever art opening was a success at the cafe last night. Rick and Suzanna came and so did Cindy, Jack and some of the photographers who had gone on the trip to Sicily. A few of our regulars also came by, the photographs on the computer screens looked really brilliant. Sicilian wine and my fruit and cheese platters were well received by all.

I think a show like this brings photography into an entirely new realm; being able to see 250 different photos on the screens gave such a full and clear look at Sicily. I was proud to have been behind this, and appreciate Rick’s help in getting the photos up and on the screens.

Today is a grey day, business a bit ‘soft.’ But to inspire me again I put the Sicily slideshows back up, and so, when the students come in to learn about eBay, they will be greeted by these wonderful images.