Pumpcam Man Startles Motorists

Got home late tonight. Was working on a proposal in collaboration with another website. Very high profile client, good sized proposal. Talking to the west coast late into the night. Later, on the Tonight Show, there was a funny bit called Pumpcam.

The scene was from the survelliance camera in the gas pump, looking out. First an older woman fumbles with the nozzle, unable to get it into her tank. The stern voice booms out from the TV newscast on the gas pump. It’s a campy announcer named Larry Atkinson, he’s reading the news…then he suddenly addresses the startled motorist with a comment. “Hey you in the blue shirt. Yeah, you. Push your card into the slot again.” The customers in frame after frame were stunned to find the guy in the TV talking…to Them!

One man fumed when the pumpcam addressed him. “Get the F**k away!, pretty soon you’ll be stalking me in the toilet,” he said. This was a classic bit…watch for this on youtube.com. There is the place you can find videos like this one.