GoNOMAD Profiled on "Making It Here," TV Show

Last fall, Marla Zippay from WGBY Channel 57 came to visit us in our former small office at 14A Sugarloaf St. I drove up to the building on my scooter, they taped a few takes to get it right. She was filming the episode of “Making it Here,” that will finally air on Monday, May 22, and Saturday, May 27. Below is their description, I can’t wait to watch it!

On The Go Air Date: May 22, 2006, 7:30 pm.
Meet Max Hartshorne, owner of GoNomad.com, in South Deerfield, MA. It is an alternative travel web site where visitors find “inspiration and links to plan their trip”– so if you’re looking to do elephant research in Thailand or learn Spanish in Cancun, GoNomad.com is the place to go!

We will also spend the day at the Holyoke Dam seeing how they keep the fish moving each spring as they head up the river to migrate. Finally, George will take a trip to the highest point in Massachusetts: Mt. Greylock. He will get a “guided tour” with Visitor Services Supervisor Alec Gilman.

(I wish I still had the video of this, it’s lost to the ether!)