Anticipating the Holiday Weekend

It’s already a steamy day, a Friday, a day of travel and anticipation. We’re on our way down to visit the family in Jersey, a ritual done at least every six months, but one that always excites me. I am the only member of my family who lives far away, the rest of them nest together in nearby towns, and get to socialize daily. That part of living here in Mass has always made me sad…but not sad enough to move to Jersey.

I’ve never enjoyed holiday weekends..I always feel restless, frustrated, bored and not sure what to do. My remedy is to travel during these times, so I won’t face that weird sensation of a Monday and nothing is open. Some times I realize that being a semi workaholic manifests itself in these times…when I crave having work to go to.

This weekend will be filled with trying to cram in visits to all of my sisters in their respective houses, hanging out with my mom and dad, showing off the videotape of the TV show, and catching up with their lives. We depart at noon, now I am looking for a podcast to listen to during the drive.