Turning Fifty, Hawaiian Style

We are off to New York tonight for a Fiftieth Birthday celebration. That seems to be the year that people decide is a big party year, rarely do we celebrate 60, and 30 isn’t that big a deal either. Tom Bricker turned 50, so it’s time to go to a luau.

Tom’s wife Cathie is a stylist and party expert. She is decking out their suburban house into a Hawaiian Luau, and in spite of uncooperative weather, more than 100 guests are expected. We had to go out and buy new clothes, I selected the perfect Hawaiian shirt to with my terribly tacky Nantucket Red pants. These pants I’ve only worn a few other times, to hoots from co-workers, they are those pale red pants you see the old white guys wearing, with deck shoes and gin-red noses. I am sure I will blend right in with this crowd…Tom and Cathie have a lot of interesting friends.

Cindy will be in costume with her wild capri pants, lime green top and lime green sandals, with appropriately high heels.

Despite the fact we’ve got to drive three hours, this party should be fun.